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CLC supports the development of the whole child through Early Childhood Care and Education, Early Interventions and Access for All


All children reach their full potential when given a strong start.


Children are born unique, creative and capable. The challenge for education is to support these strengths and abilities so that each child can grow and develop lifelong skills for problem solving, independence, curiosity, cooperation and a positive attitude for learning. Our goal is to join with families in the education of their children. Together we create a community of learners in a supportive, nurturing environment that values our diversity and celebrates our differences. Everyone has an equal right to belong and make choices and to be respected for their uniqueness.

Children's Learning Center
May 04, 2021
Full time
Children’s Learning Center (CLC) is looking for a full time Administrative Assistant/Data Manager to work in our Teton County Special Education Department. Requirements include: strong oral and written communication skills; excellent computer skills including database entry and maintenance; and strong organizational and time management skills.  We offer competitive salaries and benefits including insurance, retirement, professional development and career opportunities. Please send resume and cover letter to Davey Hough at [email protected] for more information or to apply