Teton Literacy Center

Teton Literacy Center is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1992. We offer three tiers of programming: Tutoring, Afterschool, and Family Literacy. The mission of our organization is to change lives through the power of literacy. We define literacy as proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, listening, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Our vision is a 100% literate community.  A literate community is one in which members have the literacy skills necessary to not only function but to thrive. 

We offer 100% free services to families and children. We prioritize individualized instruction through accessible programs, student-centered learning, data-driven instruction, and teacher reflection. We believe in providing authentic, personalized literacy learning experiences that lead to students’ and families’ success in classrooms, careers, and our community. We value comprehensive support for the entire family, understanding that we can make the most impact by working together with families to support their children’s literacy development. We value collaboration with our community and volunteers as a way to provide the highest level of services and expand our students’ worldview.