Rocky Mountain Kids

  • Jackson Hole, WY, USA

Daycare and Children have always been a passion of mine. As a child being in daycares and after school programs were always so much fun for me. Whether we were going on field trips or making fun arts and crafts to bring home to my parents, I always had so much fun and such great adventures. My goal at Rocky Mountain Kids Inc. is to provide that same kind of childcare in this day and age. I have worked in the childcare industry for the last several years now and have always felt that I cared more about the business and the kids then the people I was working for. Childcare in Jackson is something that has always amazed me since I’ve been in this industry. I have had plenty of conversation with parents and DFS about the fact that there just simply aren’t enough daycares in Jackson for what we need. So, not only do I have a passion for children and helping them grow but there is also a very large need for more daycare facilities in Teton County. I have been working very hard to get the right schooling done for myself to make Rocky Mountain Kids the best it can be.