Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance

Since 1979, the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance has worked as a watchdog to keep Jackson Hole wild and beautiful. The results of our work are all around us, most of which are things we don’t see today. Now, we are building on our tradition of protecting what makes this valley special by uniting our community around a shared vision of a better future and empowering the whole community to live in balance with nature.

We focus on addressing the big challenges we face to achieve the largest possible impact; empowering citizens and our partners to run campaigns that realize tangible change; using facts and data to help our community have honest conversations about the long-term consequences of our decisions; holding our elected representatives accountable for the choices that shape our future; and engaging the community in our civic process to build a Jackson Hole where we live in balance with nature.

Our goal is to make Jackson Hole a national model of living in balance with nature, and, most importantly, to engage the whole community in working toward this vision. If we work together as an alliance, we can protect what we all love about this special place.