Teton Regional Economic Coalition

Teton Regional Economic Coalition (TREC) recruits new companies and supports startups and existing businesses in Teton Valley.




To develop a vibrant and diverse economy by retaining, strengthening and recruiting businesses in Teton Valley and enhancing the experience of residents and visitors.



Teton Valley is known for:

●      Vibrant, sustainable, successful local businesses.

●      Meaningful career opportunities at above national average wages.

●      High quality activities and amenities for residents and visitors.

●      Exceptional natural environment.



Implement the Teton County Economic Development Plan: http://www.tetoncountyidaho.gov/pdf/codePolicy/2013-0610_Adopting_May_2013_Economic_Development_Plan.pdf



We support existing, start-up and recruited businesses with:


·       Referrals to financing and professional resources.

·       Navigating the regulatory and zoning environment.

·       Real estate inventories and advice.

·       Introductions to state, city and county officials, and local business owners.

·       Business plan consulting.

·       Marketing consultation

·       Made in Teton Valley Branding