Wyoming Services for Independent Living

What is WSIL?

We are an Independent Living Center whose goal is to help individuals with a disability live as independently as they choose to, have access to their community and enjoy a high quality of life.

WSIL is a non-profit organization that has been serving individuals with a disability in western Wyoming since 1994.  We do not charge fees to anyone who participates in our programs.

Why does WSIL help with Independence?

Barriers to independence greatly impact your quality of life.

A lack of transportation, health care, equipment, safe and accessible housing, and other necessities affect an individual with a disability’s life on a daily basis.

Just as important, a lack of opportunities for recreation, social events, education and employment greatly affect a person’s quality of life.

Eliminating barriers to independence for necessities and enjoyment of life is essential to our mission.  Each consumer becomes empowered to make informed decisions and takes action to have a stake in increasing their own independence.