Website Development & Support

  • Buckrail
  • Mar 16, 2021
Contractor Design Information Technology Media-Journalism

Job Description

Buckrail is seeking an experienced WordPress developer who is familiar with both frontend and backend development. We depend on consistent website usability, performance, and best practices to be used with a keen awareness of reliability. Our developer works closely with the management team to develop and deploy features, maintain a 99.99% website uptime, and integrations with various news distribution tools.


  • Highly proficient in WordPress Development, theme and plugin development
  • Highly proficient in PHP, RSS feeds, SCSS, Javascript, Jquery,  AJAX, XML
  • Familiarity with modern build tools such as Gulp, Bower, Node, and Github
  • Advanced knowledge of Google Analytics, GTM, and AdSense
  • Familiarity with web hosting, DNS routing, and CDN set up/support
  • Familiarity with Google AMP protocol and integration/approval process
  • Familiarity with Asana, Slack, G-Suite
  • Email list support & segmentation through Mailchimp


  • Stripe Payment processing
  • Instagram API 
  • OpenWeather API
  • Mailchimp 
  • Google Developer API’s - Places, Google Maps

Qualified and interested candidates are encouraged to apply to join our growing team.