Security Guard

  • The National Museum of Wildlife Art
  • Jan 14, 2022
Full time Facilities Nonprofit-Social Services

Job Description


Security Guards are responsible for all aspects of museum security and security management. The Security guards are responsible, with the direction and support of the Director of Facility & Security Services,  for monitoring all museum staff and museum support personnel, as well as all materials of any kind entering or leaving the building.  The Security Guards assist in facility monitoring, especially HVAC and Fire Detection and Fire Suppression Systems as well as exhibit monitoring, and make recommendations to the Director of Facility & Security Services concerning any issues, events, circumstances or occurrences that could negatively impact staff, visitors or collections safety and security.

Organizational Responsibilities:

The Security Guards report directly to the Director of Facility & Security Services.

Positions Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Monitors all security equipment and systems.
  • Monitors all Fire Detection, Fire Suppression and HVAC Systems.
  • Monitors, controls and records all traffic of art, artifacts, materials and people entering or leaving all areas of the building.
  • Monitors and maintains general collections and exhibit security.
  • Makes regular patrols of the interior and exterior of the facility, consistent with the maintenance of the highest levels of facility security and safety.
  • Works in harmony with other Security & Facility personnel that are present during the work shift, understanding the priorities and focus of each particular day, and maintaining proper communication with all other security personnel on duty.
  • Monitors all potentially dangerous, unsafe or hazardous situations, circumstances and occurrences and recommends an appropriate course of action to the Director of Facility & Security Services.
  • Recommends, implements and maintains appropriate practices to provide security for all art and artifacts used in museum exhibits, programs and special events.
  • Recommends, implements and maintains practices to provide appropriate personal safety and physical security for all persons participating in museum operations, exhibits or programs.
  • Will read and become familiar with all appropriate elements of the museums Policies and Procedures Manual, the Disaster Response Manual and all HVAC and Fire Detection/Fire Suppression Manuals.
  • Be familiar with the Quick Reference Manuals, the Security Manuals and the Disaster Response Manuals.
  • Available to work the many evening events that the museum has.
  • Assists with other museum operations as necessary.
  • Other duties as assigned as it relates to security services & operational events.
  • Security Officers should be aware of the fact that museum operations require security 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a year round basis. Accordingly, security personnel will be required, as appropriate and necessary, to work some regularly scheduled holidays. Should this occur, then a mutually agreeable alternate day off would be provided.


This individual should be conversant with, and proficient in, all currently accepted standards of general security practices, museum security and management.  The Security Officers will possess the ability to communicate effectively with all elements of the general public, police departments and museum staff in a fashion that reflects well on the museum as a whole.  Must be able to work in a coordinated fashion with exhibit and materials shippers and staff installing exhibits. Must have the ability to access situations and make an appropriate determination of realistic courses of action.


Full time NMWA benefits for full time employees.

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