Jackson Business Owner Needs Part-Time Personal Assistant

$25.00 hourly
  • Maui Mastermind
  • Jan 23, 2023
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Job Description

For over a decade I’ve run several businesses out of my office here in Jackson.  While all the rest of our team is remote in multiple other states, I need a local personal assistant at 10-20 hours/wk both in office and remote.

This is a high trust position and you'd have a flexible schedule.  The starting comp is $25 an hour (1099 position).  Once you are fully up to speed and have a track record with me we can go over an increase.

Most of the time will be on your schedule working remote or running errands here locally, and twice a week taking care of things at my Jackson office.  You will need reliable transportation.  (NOTE:  Since many of the things you will be doing require you getting tasks done during business hours, such as making deposits or working with our remote I.T. Team to problem solve a tech issue, you need to have time available during business hours.)

 Your Role:

·       Occasional mail and bank deposit runs.

·       Scanning & naming documents.

·       Running regular software updates and restarts on office computers.

·       Helping with simple tech fixes such as phone app issues, etc.  If it is a tougher tech issue that you can’t google or youtube the answer, you will be the onsite person to help our remote tech vendor fix as they remote into my computer(s).

·       Personal errands for us like arranging for a repair, taking a car in to be serviced, etc.

·       Tasks to include moving things into / out of storage, keeping the office kitchen clean, setting up and meeting service vendors on occasion, etc.

Essentially your role is to help take care of things so that I can get more in the limited working hours I have.

You Must Be:

1. Reliable.  When you say you'll get "x" done, you do.  And in those rare instances where something unforeseen happens, you take responsibility to communicate that and fix the situation. 

2. Trustworthy.  You have the mental and emotional maturity to keep our affairs private. You do the right thing, especially when no one is watching, because that's just who you are.

3.  You are technology capable.  You understand and are comfortable working with various technology of software, apps, printers, home electronics, etc.  What you don't know, you can look up or work with our remote I.T. To make fixes and handle things as necessary.

4. Must be local.  While the role has a great deal of flexibility, and realistically you will be doing things here in Jackson 2 days a week (typically M and W) for a few hours at a time, there are times when something needs to be done and having someone nearby is important.  Also, there are times when something urgent is needing attention and you will need to handle something here for me.  

5. A "no nonsense" person.  Life has enough drama for all of us, I’m not looking to add any "extra" drama into my work life. You manage yourself and get your key work done. 

6. Believe in systems.  It's just how we do things -- creating, updating, and following internal processes and best practices -- must be someone who recognizes the value of business process when handling recurring tasks and responsibilities. 

6. Looking for something over the longer term.  While I understand that life can bring changes, it takes time to build a strong working relationship and we are not looking for someone interested in a "summer thing".  My current local assistant will be here to train you and “pass the torch” (which I so appreciate) and it’s my hope to find someone interested in working together over time. 

So if you’re a retired person who wants a way to get part time engagement back in the business world… or you’re at the start of your career and you want to learn from a local entrepreneur in this support role… or you’re somewhere in between and just looking to have a flexible, long term gig to earn extra income in this role… please take the next step…

If you see yourself in this role, you think this might be a great fit for you, please email us the following (we request that you send them as one single pdf attachment with both items to simplify our review, thank you):

1. A Cover Letter introducing yourself.

2. Your resume.

Please email to: [email protected] with “Local Jackson Assistant Position” in the subject line.